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Some of my articles can be read here: Own Self, Family and Children, Compassion and Bonds in Music, Relationships and Harmony, Savior and Killer Called Adaptation, Basic Wisdom, A Couple of Secrets, Some Important Facts, Two In One and The Third One, Article, Social Systems on Our Planet, My Discoveries, The Imperfections of My Books, Two Books of Mine, and Some Corrections.

Please read The Medium and download samples of my works from Google Drive.

If interested in dogs, you can see their pictures or watch training videos.

     In the last years I was working on an addition & correction for my book about love, but it is only available in Czech language. The reason is that that I do not want to spoil this writing by the low level of my English. Here you can download it in PDF format.

     In addition I will place here several old books and writings: Moudrost (Prof. Dr. Josef Velenovsky), Mozaika moudrosti, Nekonecny pribeh, Reportaz, and Tajemstvi lasky.

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