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     The most interesting material is posted on web page devoted to Hellish people and apart from it there is my last e-book entitled "Supergod" (version 1.1) that you can download or read online.

     Another thing are some samples of what I have written (PK Samples August 28, 2015). Some can be read here: Own Self, Family and Children, The Development of Human Thinking, The Origin of Hellish Indications, The Required Bad Things, Empty Window in Music, Reminder of Hell, Whirl As A Hellish Indication, Knowledge and Personal Happiness in Entertainment, Safe Dying, How Are Religions Made, How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home, Prevent Them from Knowing About You, Superficial Love, The Mystery of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, The Defeat of Hellish Humanoid Souls, Health Care, One Name's Story, Praying to God, The Medium, and The Power of Astrology.

     If interested in dogs, you can see their pictures, watch training videos or visit web sites about Caucasian Ovcharka and All-Russian Wolfhounds.

     My personal YouTube channel is here.

     Download ebooks on spiritual knowledge, love and relationships, philosophy of life, religion, martial arts and dogs.

     Here can be downloaded books Amen 4/2009 (True Christianity, the Society of Satan, Salvation), Mozaika moudrosti 8.0 (deep philosophy of life and spiritual knowledge) and Tajemstvi lasky 8.0 (love and relationships from spiritual point of view).

Amen     Mozaika moudrosti     Tajemství lásky

     Here is possible to view the content of these e-books: Content of Amen, Content of Mozaika moudrosti and Content of Tajemstvi lasky.

     I have always been a combination of the real truth, given by the Heaven, with some erroneous opinions given to me by this lying world. And this status of a lie & truth mixture was valid for my spiritual books as well - brilliants mixed with some rubbish. I have gradually been cleaning these my spiritual books, keeping during it their original focus and the way by which they explain particular subjects, and, finally, I have changed them into "Candidate" versions in order to make some “dot” behind their many years' development. But it still does not mean that their entire content is true and right. Partly it is so and partly no, and, moreover, I am dealing with some things only in books "Amen" and "The Other Kind".
     Regardless of all the changes the essence of my spiritual books has always been the same: The AllOrganism, opposites and zero as the result of all. I have only gradually been changing some details. And why was it so? Because: „No fully-wise had fallen from the sky. We have gifts, but we must develop them.“
     Still the fact remains, that "Mozaika moudrosti" and "Tajemstvi lasky" represent a strange combination of a real discovery with some basically wrong opinions originating from the author's younger age. "Amen" and "The Other Kind", on the other hand, are in some aspects very disclosing and topical, but also problematic and rather unwelcomed.

     There is possible to read my comment upon books "Amen", "Mozaika moudrosti" and "Tajemstvi lasky".

     Another ebooks are Degenerace psiho rodu 16.1 (not for download) a Tajemstvi boje 5.0:

Degenerace psiho rodu     Tajemstvi boje

     Here is a mini-ebook entitled Caucasian Ovcharka 2.3 (not for download):

Caucasian Ovcharka

     The information introduced in my books has an extreme nature, the reader should however realize, that the fact that some information differs from all the other still does not mean, that it is untrue. For sometimes it uses to be the other way round.

     Here is my last "book" The Other Kind:

The Other Kind

     This book or more precisely an archive of experiences, pieces of knowledge and graphical elements discovers a dark reigning part of our human population, originating from a negative parallel world. It is so much extreme, that its full version won't be released for the public. In the last times I have been deriving material from this archive for my new articles and I would like if normal people because of who I did that were allowed to see as much of its content as possible.

There is the content of The Other Kind (but there are another additions already).

     But in these writings there is a considerable extent of chaos. For one thing they contain some errors and for another every point in "Dodatky" has got a different topic, so that particular subjects would have to be created and all the information from particular points would have to be added to them, which would be a hard work.

     This was my first book Zablesk Pravdy:

Záblesk Pravdy

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