Hellish People

(Last update: December 1, 2015)

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     There are several things prepared for you:

     1. Collection of writings and videos related to "Hellish people" together with Revision 1 and Bonus, downloadable from FileFactory (11/30/2015; please note that the working download button is located at the bottom of the page and not at the top).

     2. Articles for online reading about cheating, knowledge, privacy, and percentage.

     Reflection related to Safe Dying: I have remembered & realized something very interesting, what is related to what I have experienced in my past.
     After I have written several great spiritual e-books, bad people (probably "Hellish Secret Service") did something in the room I used to sleep in. I recall that at that time "the man gazing into the bulb" (see "Reversed Meaning") was saying to me words meaning "it is more difficult for me to control myself" (whereas his "I" should have been valid for me).
     Demons were touching me when I wanted to sleep, demonical faces were looking at me with a dark power streaming from their eyes into me. And I have even noticed that these Hellish creatures were using a technique that can result in the capture of the soul. Apart from it I had often been paralyzed after I woke up and it took some moments for me to make some finger move and then the rest of my body.
     To capture the soul, usually the demon is helped by a person doing black magic, most often by a Hellish person (having Hellish humanoid soul inside of him), the energy of which helps him to enter his victim. But it seems that he can also be helped by a special equipment.
     However, I cannot 100% exclude the fact that the victim's soul can be captured by means of the equipment that makes possible for Hellish beings to enter him more easily than in normal circumstances. And if the victim, apart from being influenced by the equipment, is influenced by other negative things (psychological means how to make him think on something what increases the effect of the equipment on him, if some medicine or drugs supporting it are used), the effect can be the higher.
     Generally, I believe that in this case the danger of the real capture of the soul is small (yet it exists) and more probable is craziness in the meaning of a psychical diagnosis. Only exceptionally strong individuals and/or those who know how to approach this problem, can survive undamaged.

     3. Additional talking about movies.

     4. Videos in WebM or MP4 format where I speak about some things related not only to Hellish people.

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     I have to say some words regarding "The Other Kind" I often quote from. Its disclaimer says: This "ebook" was not completely "proofread", part of the text consists of old notes and there are some errors in it.
     But I did not show this "ebook" to anyone. Understand, these are my personal notes and I can write into them even bullshit if I want, because these texts are only written at my home (although recently I have made their online backup protected by password).
     Anyway, the "ebook" was stolen by the secret service. It was suspicious to me, that every now and again when I wrote something into it, the things start to change as if somebody knew what I have written about them in my private documents. I also believe that small pieces of some of my "inventive ideas" were used in the world before I have published them.
     Remember my article "Privacy of Your Secret Work". Those curious bastards must not know at all what you are working on! It is a very bad situation to be writing books and at the same time to have a regular control of their development!
     Viewing the documents of "The Other Kind", on some places I even cannot remember that I have written what is there. The secret service had access to the text both in my PC and on DVDs for years. I did the checksum of the writings only a longer time after I have written them and even if not, the secret service is so skillful, that it is even able to create the imitation of these documents in the way that they would have the same filesize and checksum like the ones really written by me.
     One way or the other, if anything from the writings belonging to "The Other Kind" would be about being published, I have to control it first.


     I apology to Mrs. Marie Rottrova that I have made an error in the description of the magic meaning of her songs on album "Vsechno nejlepsi". On a web site I take regularly info from there was wrongly written, that song with number 13 is "Zrejme letos nejsou kytky", which I copied, instead of 13 "Bouda Na hororu". I forgot to check it in the official resources. Please excuse me.
     However, 13 "Bouda Na hororu" contains words meaning "blind", "bastard" and "magician", it has a "factor of confusion" and the previous song with number 12 touches the eyes. Accordingly to my opinion, the subconscious influence of song 13 combines with that of song 16 "To nic" (a piece of gold in the eye and the bird).

     I apology to band "Kabat" that I have made an error in the older version of "Reversed Meaning" in the text of songs, but within one day I realized it and then I have made the newer version 2.9 without that error. Please excuse me.


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