Hellish People

(Last update: October 9, 2015)

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     There are several things prepared for you:

     1. Collection of writings and videos related to "Hellish people" together with Revision 1, downloadable from MegaFileUpload.

     2. Three additional articles are included in PK Samples (October 9, 2015).

     I have realized, that I did not devote much attention to the topic of "me and women".
     By the first "poisoning" and other chemical influence, the increase of sexual desire has obviously been reached (then I had to began to "masturbate" including the ejaculation, which I was not capable of before) that should become uncontrollable by some time.
     Imagine me, as a "God's virgin", how he suddenly starts to go after women and bother them sexually. Do you understand?
     And then they will say: "This cannot be any "God's messenger", look at what he is doing!" Whilst this can physically be arranged in every man.

     "Reversed Meaning". "Evil subconscious codes" very often look like something innocent, especially in case of "penis & eyes" the number of victims is low and there are no direct proofs that the creators of this "code" wanted the people to be affected. That is why when I began to claim that this "code" exists and that its victims were wanted, I have got on a thin ice.
     And the culprits, of course, did not admit that they had deliberately been creating and using this one and other "codes" to create some victims. Instead, they have started to convince normal people, that it is not so and that I am crazy, when I claim something like this.
     In case of my words about the codes related to the penis and the eyes it is easy to say, that I am crazy, because there is a low number of victims, but what about the other codes that have much more victims? Like those developing positive attitude toward wars and physical violence, for example?
     However, Hellish people always manage to convince the normal about anything they want. The reason is that that the majority of today's normal people are, softly said, uninformed.


     Many small "codes" often look like "seemingly meaningless trifles". This one is from video "How to pick the right thong, Panties, Lingerie". Each of the looks on the first two pictures draws attention to the eyes a bit, then there is some look at the viewer with a finger and then the woman says word "well" three times (+ some other things). And how would you prove that there is some bad intention in it?

     Sad thing is that after I have discovered the above-mentioned codes, the "Hellish secret world service" has made many companies etc. on many places use the same components that these codes consist of 1. to create a false impression that they do not have the harmful effect I wrote about and 2. to keep me reminded of my work about them all the time.
     This action, together with other things that were done "because of me", was very expensive. Much money has been wasted that should be returned. The "service" should have admitted, that "the evil subconscious codes" I spoke about exist and that they are deliberately used to harm some people (and that it has lied to the normal people of this world by means of "false spiritual education", which is deformed & artificially co-created religions, many wrong spiritual testimonies & actions like that of "Dr Moody" and similarly). And the money, instead of being wasted, should have been given to the poor of this world, where it belongs.

     3. Articles for online reading about cheating, knowledge and privacy.

     4. Additional talking about movies.

     5. Videos in WebM or MP4 format where I speak about some things related not only to Hellish people.

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     I apology to Mrs. Marie Rottrova that I have made an error in the description of the magic meaning of her songs on album "Vsechno nejlepsi". On a web site I take regularly info from there was wrongly written, that song with number 13 is "Zrejme letos nejsou kytky", which I copied, instead of 13 "Bouda Na hororu". I forgot to check it in the official resources. Please excuse me.
     However, 13 "Bouda Na hororu" contains words meaning "blind", "bastard" and "magician", it has a "factor of confusion" and the previous song with number 12 touches the eyes. Accordingly to my opinion, the subconscious influence of song 13 combines with that of song 16 "To nic" (a piece of gold in the eye and the bird).

     I apology to band "Kabat" that I have made an error in the older version of "Reversed Meaning" in the text of songs, but within one day I realized it and then I have made the newer version 2.9 without that error. Please excuse me.


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