Hellish People

(Last update: January 15, 2016)

This web page gives you downloads related to "Hellish People".

     There are several things prepared for you:

     1. Collection of writings and videos related to "Hellish people" together with Revision 1 and Bonus, downloadable from FileFactory (11/30/2015; please note that the working download button is located at the bottom of the page and not at the top). As an addition here is article Unbelievable Cheats (Version 2.0).

     In files "Supplement" and "Addition to RM" there is mentioned idea about the possible creation of a link in my mind between the Caucasian Ovcharka and the things related to the act of self-mutilation & the demon. Here is another example, a movie about this breed of dog "Планета Собак 5 Выпуск - Кавказская овчарка". The pictures are taken from various scenes, but the beginning with the demon's color and covered eyes and then the yellow cap had captured my attention. By the way, the two fingers were shown together with a word meaning "Caucasus" to connect them in my damaged mind with it.

     2. Articles for online reading about cheating, knowledge, privacy, and percentage.

     3. Additional talking about movies.

     4. Videos in WebM or MP4 format where I speak about some things related not only to Hellish people.

Bezpecne umirani     Cigarety     Povidani     Pekelni lekari     Dve nejdulezitejsi veci     Prastvoritel     Tajemstvi zivota     Vlastni predstava o Bozich vecech     Stesti, matematika a moralka z pohledu Superboha     Zvedavost, Cerny puntik, Zevni dojem a Valky     Par starych prihod, Pan Buh a Obraz lidskych dusi     Oslabeni me teorie     Ubohost     Vyhazovani penez danovych poplatniku     Uz v roce 2003     V me knihy se asi nema moc verit


     I apology to Mrs. Marie Rottrova that I have made an error in the description of the magic meaning of her songs on album "Vsechno nejlepsi". On a web site I take regularly info from there was wrongly written, that song with number 13 is "Zrejme letos nejsou kytky", which I copied, instead of 13 "Bouda Na hororu". I forgot to check it in the official resources. Please excuse me.
     However, 13 "Bouda Na hororu" contains words meaning "blind", "bastard" and "magician", it has a "factor of confusion" and the previous song with number 12 touches the eyes. Accordingly to my opinion, the subconscious influence of song 13 combines with that of song 16 "To nic" (a piece of gold in the eye and the bird).

     I apology to band "Kabat" that I have made an error in the older version of "Reversed Meaning" in the text of songs, but within one day I realized it and then I have made the newer version 2.9 without that error. Please excuse me.


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