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     1. Collection of articles "Hellish People" (October 20, 2014) that is not posted on this web page, since it has got a graphical content. However, temporarily you can download it from Mediafire.

     2. Some additions to the articles included in "Hellish People":

     So far I did not deal much with Hellish indications used in politics and therefore I will at least show the following that should be explained. We all know the flag of the former Soviet Union and its symbol. Hammer and sickle can be considered a small emphasis on direction down toward Hell, red is related to Hell and red with yellow mean fire.


     The following is a "reminder of Hell" from "Cerni baroni" (= "Black barons"), episode 4 (09:50). Winning music together with Hellish colors, raised hand, emphasis on mouth (the officer touches it by his palm and then it is partially covered on the picture of the smiling man) and eyes (above all, by looking without blinks and by the tilt of the head) and written words about the fight with the inner enemy (by the way, after this scene there is a somewhat-raised hand, a sentence mentioning horns, emphasis on direction down and red lamp). This fight was a thing used by Hell to let many good people suffer and to destroy their life.

     "Cerni baroni", "Vzacna navsteva" (the last episode, in which there are more reminders). Beginning (the first line of pictures): Soldier that is bent forward sweeps the floor with a broom and another one with a red sling on him passes him by. There is a naughty word emphasizing direction down, the soldier drops the broom to the ground and raises the hand. Then there is a shot at another soldier who is on all four brushing the floor. End (the second line of pictures): (Several minutes before the end of the TV series, as an "eye herald" of "reminder of Hell" army officer looks without blinking and then) Soldiers are about to return to civilian life. During a moment, there is seen a soldier mutilated in such a way that the mere look of his face emphasizes mouth and eyes (besides, there is a smoke very close before the camera), then different soldier has the lower part of his face covered, which emphasizes eyes. Then there is a shot at army officers, while one of them, the armorer, takes a look into the camera and he also moves his mouth. Then there is a shot at a soldier having a match in mouth and each eye differently "set up". And then another soldier raises two fingers (with one he scratches on eye-brow). This scene in fact is a "reminder of Hellish humanoid soul".

     Let you now see the flag of Nazi Germany. Hellish colors, too, and I am strongly convinced, that both Hitler and Russian communists were managed by Hellish people.

     And here are the flags of today's USA, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and China. The most powerful countries of the world and Hellish colors again.


     Important note: The use of the above-displayed colors (that are used by almost everybody in his or her life every day) can be both a normal thing and the indication of something Hellish. It depends on circumstances. But if the Hellish World's Powers wanted to do some big evil for their Hellish world, they have used the colors together with other Hellish things & behavior and in this case the colors have got a real Hellish meaning.

     - All sorts of possible things can quickly be changed (color on the car, clothes, web site, fence and so on), but movies and TV series stay unchanged. And perhaps there can be found in them certain deliberateness of the regular "reminder of Hell".

     - Something to article "Knowledge and Personal Happiness in Entertainment":
     In order for you to realize yourself most suitably and to be happy most reasonably, all the other would have to be adapted to it. And it is not possible in another way but to exist in a closed reality which entirely serves to all of your requirements. Shortly, in ideal case everything must be, not only clothes, "exactly made to measure". Only then it suites you 100% and not less.
     And in case of "entertainment" (movies, TV series, games) it means that that you should have an option to adjust the story in accordance with your wish. So if you have a good fantasy & imagination, better is for you to prefer the creation & modification of the story to the passive-only watching of what others thought up.

     - In book "Supergod", chapter "How It All Started", there is a sentence "The being enters the ball and then, by means of a special mathematics, it creates a formula, accordingly to which all the allmatter in it will be used". But in the same way it can be that that firstly the formula is created, then there is assigned an exact amount of the allmatter for the Ball and only then the Being enters it. Given description is only illustrative, nothing exact.

     - In "Addition" to "Supergod" there is a sentence "And others use to be removed, if they are in the way to it." Perhaps it was not expressed correctly, the meaning is "if they are an obstacle in one's way to it" (= if they prevent one to reach it).

     - I was writing about a long time required by some extreme experiences to be absorbed by the person who had experienced them.
     Please realize, that if everything was shown to a man who was asked about it immediately after that experience of his, he would not be able to tell it to you, whereas after some time he could already be somehow capable of it.
     Similarly, although the main part of "Supergod" was a short one-time experience, its other parts (= thinking and feeling about some related things, visions of "The Circle of Knowledge" [on the very same place and in the night, too], of the "picture of human souls", of a "strange mathematics", of the "Little Mountain" and similarly) have been experienced during a longer period of time. And that is why their understanding took some time as well.

     - As for so much discussed protection of privacy and the mentioned "private PC" not connected to the Internet ("How to Secure the Privacy of Your Home"), to my belief there is one more danger that your private data will be transferred to some strange PC even if that of yours has no Internet connection. The danger is that that if Hellish people are interested about you and/or your family, they can place some transmitter into the components that your PC consists of, if they know where you will buy it. And who knows, if such equipments won't one day be set up in secrecy so to say "globally".

     - I will add a few more examples of "emphasis on eyes and mouth" to "What Do Two Fingers Mean". They originate from a music video "Lada ma velkou hlavu" from band "Kabat". In the middle one we see number 2 (by the way, in the video there is a cigarette lightened up by means of flashes and then the shape of the respective smoker changes, as if he was two in one) and the bottom part of legs (in given case the wrapping of the rope around that guy can indicate a whirl). In the second line we see a reminder of Hell. After emphasis on legs and red title there comes a raised finger, then the heads bend down to the floor, there is a head rolling on the floor (= indication of a whirl), and the end of this reminder are partly raised hands and emphasized legs.

     Sometimes after the "raised component" (most of the time hand or finger) the direction toward Hell is emphasized one more time. For example, it was the throwing of the artificial hand back to kneeling "Kingslayer" ("Game of Thrones" S04E04 between 10th and 11th minute); or in the beginning of the first episode of "Cerni baroni" it was the shoes after the raised hand; or in the beginning of the last episode of "Cerni baroni" it was soldier Vata on all four after the raised hand of a soldier who was sweeping the floor (before he has raised it, direction down was emphasized + there was a piece of red, too).

●    It was originally a small article that I place here like several thoughts written one bellow another.

     What Hellish people cannot do without

     The knowledge of facts and consequent distribution of roles is the essence of the success of Hellish people. If facts are known, for instance the development of things here on Earth or information about normal people living here, on the basis of them plan is made and the roles are divided (with some space for adaptation to some deviation in the planned development of situation), which in the majority of cases, perhaps we can say almost in all, results in success.
     There was the "Circle of Knowledge" and Hellish humanoid souls had 60% covered in it and 40% was blank. As soon as they encounter something what belongs to the blank space, they display insufficiency. It means that if they encountered a strong and intelligent opponent in an environment unknown (or insufficiently known) to them, they should lose quickly.
     Here is an excerpt from "The Defeat of Hellish Humanoid Souls": "As another example I will use a submarine. Regardless of its perfection, even the best model becomes a useless piece of metal, if you have strongly changed the characteristics of water or if you took the submarine out of it and put it in the air or in the space. Or the best martial art with the most effective techniques will stop the proper working, if the opponent has three or four hands instead of two only, which the whole martial art is designed for. But how is all that related to the defeat of Hellish humanoid souls?
     Please realize that it is only the known environment and mapped circumstances what makes it possible for Hellish people to excel in the particular branches of what people do. But take all the knowledge away from them, or even better, change the environment & circumstances a lot and suddenly Hellish people won't know what to do."

     Something personal

     But I must say, (by-me-feared and much stronger than me) Hellish people, that I know what it is like to be in agreement with you all. Forgive me, that in the following paragraph I will say it like Supergod, because in fact I have experienced it, too:
     I remember, how I thought up you, how I wanted to have you exactly the way you are, in order for you to think up, apart from other, TV series and computer games that have certain traits of closed realities. In a low degree, there is projected in them and consequently renewed my own ability to think up and create and manage my own closed reality (= this Ball) in order for me to be allowed to regenerate fully and to live eternally thanks to it.

     The end of Hellish humanoid souls (and so of Hellish people too)

     But now to the end of Hellish people, more precisely of Hellish humanoid souls. It was felt their self-confidence in value of 70%. Conviction, that they are secured in their world and they cannot be affected inside. Hellish management thought up a wrong plan (there was a small doubt and it was ignored) and particular Hellish souls followed it globally and they had been acting wrongly (apparently, they are dependent on the decision of their management that they cannot dare to disobey).
     Then the picture covered and when it had uncovered, there was the end. Absolute majority of Hellish humanoid souls were killed and their world was in ruins. Part of the rest of the souls had moved to a space, where there was somebody else than they (maybe some captured souls, but I am not sure about it, because I have only seen schemes in diminutives, that is miniatures without details). Then there was not seen again and after uncovering, in essence there was not anybody there, only in the ruins of a different part of that world there were some Hellish souls who survived. Probably they were left to live in a worse way and to decrease the value of the subjective happiness of their kind (death is zero, but suffering is minus). And then there was not anything good for them.
     Before this war, in the "Sanctuary of God" there had sounded the last calling "Come!" and its "Guardians" opened a channel to "Holy Council" and reported to it, that they have already got all the callings. "Holy Council" turned to God with this information and he changed - by means of a "circleball" - an angle between the dimension of Hellish humanoid souls and the material core of our Ball (it is possible even when it is unpacked, but by a more complicated way) and the statics of their dimension was disrupted, which, we can say, caused it to be broken (also "Holy Council" had assisted during it) and the environment in it had changed.
     Beforehand, the "Guardians of God's Sanctuary" and somebody behind them who I have probably never seen were acquainted with the details of this intervention and they attacked by in-advance-prepared way - their war was won in advance (energetic combination of attack from close and from distance, from the inside and from the outside, during the warping of space).

     How are particular spiritual kinds happy

     When stories that are to be acted are acted by means of particular spiritual kinds, in the majority of cases the kinds are let fall (= without any reason, they are not let exist in happiness as long as possible), so that the final gain does not go to them but to Supergod. It is simple.
     Remember a "symbol of opposites" "Yin/Yang" (= in every opposite there is an element of its own opposite). White half is Supergod and a black wheel in it is a piece of evil that he experiences by a very slightly painful process of regeneration in this Ball. But his happiness prevails, of course. For oppositely it would not be worth it!
     And black half are the spiritual kinds of our Ball. Their (subjective) unhappiness prevails in the majority of them and the white wheel are those who have it the other way round. It also matters how high is the spiritual kind in question.
     If it is above the broken line (of the picture from chapter "Relationship to Hellish people" from book "Supergod"), it is already capable of a direct communication with "Holy Council", it has more detailed information about the predestined future and it is given longevity.
     Supergod usually gives the highest beings more happiness similar to that of his, but in the majority, a piece must be deducted from it, so that God has perhaps 80% of that of Supergod. The above mentioned "symbol of opposites" is also valid here in some way, but in accordance with Godhood, so that it "throws" different values, than in low spiritual kinds.

     PS: It is however necessary to add, that this symbol represents the above-mentioned rather excessively. In fact, the overall subjective unhappiness of spiritual kinds is only a bit bigger, than their subjective happiness.

     Lying of Hellish people about justice

     It annoys me, that Hellish people have lied to us so much. For example, laws and justice. Secretly they break the laws, but at the same time before normal people they pretend that they obey the laws and want justice. And they also did not tell us, that quite a few evil does not use to be prosecuted and oppositely prosecuted is when the evil is not committed. Terribly simplified example:
     If I as Supergod will feel sorry for suffering subjects in my Ball and out of compassion with them I will decide not to create them, so that they won't have to suffer so much, because of changed stories in my Ball, my spiritual body won't any more be able to regenerate & renew fully, I will start growing old, after some time I will die and so I will lose the whole eternity (= my eternal happiness). And so I will be punished for being too good, more exactly for not being sufficiently evil.
     The laws and justice of our human collective result from the fact, that we are lower kinds that have many members. Our giant number and mutual relationships are immediately related to our origin, too - corresponding pieces of the material core of our Ball and the qualities of definite parts of Supergod's spiritual body. And from this reason our laws (and "justice") are in their essence a one-sided (= limited) product, adapted to group interests and therefore having more or less unobjective (= at the same time also unjust) view.
     So we know crime and punishment in the frame of our intraspecific matters - the both exist for us that way, on our level and in the present. But else it is mostly in many various ways, only not so.

     3. Regularly updated web page "Reminder of Hell" (October 18, 2014).

     4. Regularly updated web page "Kolekce clanku Pekelni lide" (October 20, 2014) that has additional information written in the author's native tongue.

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