Hellish People

(Last update: January 28, 2015)

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     There are several things prepared for you:

     1. Collection of articles "Hellish People" (January 3, 2015) that now includes the mini-collection of videos "Hellish Signs in Movies" (and the older version of this page) that is not posted on this web page, since it has got a graphical content. However, temporarily you can download it from Mediafire.

     2. Some additions to the articles and videos included in package "Hellish People":

     Here is one additional video.

     Video "Hellish Signs in Movies - Look at the viewer". You know, I have seen a movie with Hellish subtext that uses this look at the viewer more times as a part of the reminder of Hell. Its name is "Wolf" (Jack Nicholson):
     (00:48:30) Moon in the night sky, the hero changes into a werewolf and looks into the camera; (01:07:35) Moon in the night sky, the hero changes into a werewolf and looks into the camera (+ emphases on eyes) and then there are beasts in the zoological garden; (01:13:00) During conversation, the hero says 2x "best for the firm" and his rival says 2x "the best thing" and then 2x "fucking". Then the hero urinates his shoes that his rival cleans. Then the hero is pictured two times by means of a mirror and then he finds two fingers with the ring in his pocket. Then he meets his wife and there is said number 16, the hero says 2x word "nothing" and he points her finger at her (by the way, in this moment his reflection is seen in some mirror). During it the hero's fiancee observes the two, covers her mouth and it seems that she takes a look into the camera; (01:33:15) The hero and his fiancee go by car, he has closed eyes and raised leg, the outsole of his shoe is visible and she looks at it, then she gets into a skid (she must turn the wheel), and the car in the opposite direction sounds the horn and she looks into the camera. After it the hero says "Jesus" that is both a positive word perfectly masking the bad meaning of this scene and such one that reminds the fact that Jesus is at least partly a story made up by Hellish people (by the way, many passages from the Bible have the traits of being written by the same Hellish beings who also write by means of "automatic pen"). She says "duck down" which he does, she raises the hand while greeting the guard and then she stops the car, with the hero having emphasized eyes; (01:40:15) While she drives the car, the fiancee is weeping and she also emphasizes her mouth and looks into the camera. After it there is the hero raising his hand and changing into the werewolf, in a way emphasizing eyes and mouth during it, too; (01:59:45) Police officer looks into the camera and shortly after it he says word "Hell". After a while the hero's fiancee looks into the camera, then a wolf looks into the camera and it gives a howl. And then the hero's fiancee looks into the camera again and her eyes gradually disappear in the darkness.

     When speaking of the look at the viewer, its another interesting example is from "Game of Thrones", in particular S03E10, when Balon and Yara get a message about the mutilation of Theon. In the scene there is emphasis on a circular thing (the letter in a circular casing) and emphasis on direction down (looks down, arm rested on the table, view from bellow), during which Balon takes a look into the camera at the viewer. Finally he shows one finger and then he sits near fire. The scene indicates, that such mutilations are a Hellish matter. It reminds that the very Hellish world stays behind many real and similarly cruel events, whether from our ancient past or even present.

     Wait, another one. In movie "Replicant", while the criminal investigator is pulled on the ground by his leg, he suddenly looks at the viewer and then he is displayed like a figure within figure.

     No, I am not done with these looks yet. In TV series "Тайга: Курс выживания" there is the look at the viewer more times. I will mention three examples:
     a) The beginning of episode 8 (the beast, look into the camera, emphasis on mouth and eyes [see "Hellish Signs in Movies - Emphasis on mouth and eyes"], emphasis on direction down and piece of red)

     b) In 11th episode (23:50) there are many emphases on direction down, smoke, look into the camera, small piece of clothes around the hand (= whirl) and then squatting (= down), two pieces of wooden spoon and one finger over them

     c) Before the end of the last 12th episode (forward bend during pushing the boat, then look at the viewer + piece of red, woman blurred a little [see "Hellish Signs in Movies - Blurred figure"], other emphases on direction down toward Hell like palms touching the ground, lying, kneeling (joined with an embrace that perhaps indicates a circle and thus a whirl too), what can also matter are the colors of the raised flag and words "Ну вот, живём дальше" said from bellow can be meant for Hellish people, above all)

     It seems that the look at the viewer that is an emphasis on eyes in a way is often used together with emphasis on direction down toward Hell. This combination is "eyes + down" and other are "eyes + fire" or "eyes + dragon", above all.


     We can say that many movies have two stories. One for normal people and the other for the Hellish. The reason is that that Hellish people sometimes put many reminders of their Hell & Hellish things into the movie and they are gradually showing them in "the other story" like particular emphases on eyes in "Убить дракона", for example.
     Small example from TV series "Navstevnici" where is more Hellish indications, for instance in episode 5 named "Hlavne nenapadne" v 08:50. Words "oko (it means the eye) 1", "oko 2", "oko 3" and a squatting man + fingers + key with number 3.
     Little later Mr. Dvorak emphasizes two fingers and from bellow he says "oko 1" (= those who are two times are number one), then a woman with a rolled-up carpet (= whirl) goes down the stairs (= Hell), raised finger (= eyes and whirl = way to Hell, is number one), flash and Mr. Dvorak, shot from bellow, looks into the camera at the viewer. Then there are words "oko 1", "oko 2", "oko 3" and word "krok" (which means step = eyes and down). Words "ziskat sesit cislo 2", "uhel 120", "90tku standard", "fix focus 3 kusy", then words "oko 3" (all numbers with a Hellish meaning, whereas zero is not taken into account) said from bellow with emphasized finger, woman sitting on the floor on knees, shoes and lying after a fall down and then on all four, looks down and shoes, view down the stairs and in the end words "oko 3, ma ho v bote" (= eyes and down again, and after them also lying on the floor and words "majitele boty"). In such a fantastic movie with a Hellish subtext (two parallel worlds) there can be more of that.

     3. Videos in WebM format where the author speaks about some things related not only to Hellish people.

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