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     There are several things prepared for you:

     1. Collection of articles "Hellish People" (July, 2014) that is not posted on this web page, since it has got a graphical content. However, temporarily you can download it from Mediafire.

     2. Some additions to the articles included in the "Conspiracy of Hellish People":

     So far I did not deal much with Hellish indications used in politics and therefore I will at least show the following that should be explained. We all know the flag of the former Soviet Union and its symbol. Hammer and sickle can be considered a small emphasis on direction down toward Hell, red is related to Hell and red with yellow mean fire.


     The following is a "reminder of Hell" from "Cerni baroni" (= "Black barons"), episode 4 (00:09:50). Winning music together with Hellish colors, raised hand, emphasis on mouth and eyes and written words about the fight with the inner enemy (by the way, after this scene there is heard a sentence mentioning horns). This fight was a thing used by Hell to let many good people suffer and to destroy their life.

     "Cerni baroni", "Vzacna navsteva" (the last episode, in which there are more reminders). Beginning (the first line of pictures): Soldier that is bent forward sweeps the floor with a broom and another one with a red sling on him passes him by. There is a naughty word emphasizing direction down, the soldier drops the broom to the ground and raises the hand. Then there is a shot at another soldier who is on all four brushing the floor. End (the second line of pictures): (Several minutes before the end of the TV series, as an "eye herald" of "reminder of Hell" army officer looks without blinking and then) Soldiers are about to return to civilian life. During a moment, there is seen a soldier mutilated in such a way that the mere look of his face emphasizes mouth and eyes (besides, there is a smoke very close before the camera), then different soldier has the lower part of his face covered, which emphasizes eyes. Then there is a shot at army officers, while one of them, the armorer, takes a look into the camera and he also moves his mouth. Then there is a shot at a soldier having a match in mouth and each eye differently "set up". And then another soldier raises two fingers (with one he scratches on eye-brow). This scene in fact is a "reminder of Hellish humanoid soul".

     Let you now see the flag of Nazi Germany. Hellish colors, too, and I am strongly convinced, that both Hitler and Russian communists were managed by Hellish people.

     And here are the flags of today's USA, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and China. The most powerful countries of the world and Hellish colors again.


     Important note: The use of the above-displayed colors (that are used by almost everybody in his or her life every day) can be both a normal thing and the indication of something Hellish. It depends on circumstances. But if the Hellish World's Powers wanted to do some big evil for their Hellish world, they have used the colors together with other Hellish things & behavior and in this case the colors have got a real Hellish meaning.

     - in the closing "reminder of Hell" in the end of "The Legend of Robin Hood" there was also little emphasis on eyes and mouth (Robin was drinking from the cup and he did do grimaces with eyes and mouth since it was bitter, he was also squinting a bit when talking to the boy and Mariana touched her lips by one finger)

     - I did not realize, that in the last episode of TV series "Arabela" in the closing "reminder of Hell" there is a circular thing - the boiler (so that another "indication of a whirl" together with the circular movements of the hand during sentences about the little bell)

     All sorts of possible things can quickly be changed (color on the car, clothes, web site, fence and so on), but movies and TV series stay unchanged. And perhaps there can be found in them certain deliberateness of the regular "reminder of Hell".

     3. Regularly updated web page "Reminder of Hell".

     4. Regularly updated web page "Kolekce clanku Pekelni lide" that has additional information written in the author's native tongue.

     5. Shortened versions of videos where the author speaks about some things related not only to Hellish people (format is a "better FLV").

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