Hellish People

(Last update: July 27, 2015)

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     2. Additions to articles:

     In folder "Bonus" there are three articles about how I was cheated during the creation of my writings about Hellish people. Well, let's say some other facts about it.
     It looks as if the secret service, ruled by Hellish people, received a task to put my story of Hellish people down. I was supposed to be compromised or in other words shown to normal people as a bad and crazy man with wrong judgment (mainly in what is related to his "fabricated" Hellish people). And to fulfil this task, the secret service was doing many things from the recording of my person at home, on a walk in the forest or during shopping, it was creating situations in which my judgement seemed to be wrong and so on.
     There were many tricks used. Three interesting examples:
     1. During many recorded conversations with me, the people have said some nonsense, e.g. a free club card in a hypermarket means 10% discount for all the goods; a Blu-ray burner in PC is something what people nowadays do not need & do not want to have; a Rottweiler weighs 90 kg; "Agen" can make a high uric acid like "Indap", and similarly. Perhaps they were testing how I will react, perhaps they have wanted to make a conflict or to record that I am such a fool that I did not get that what they have said to me is a bullshit.
     2. In a few cases, Hellish people were looking at me (or at my dog if they wanted him to bite me, for instance), but officially it was put in the records as normal people who were pretending that they are Hellish. However, in fact they were Hellish and even released energy during their looking.
     3. Many times I have noticed that, for instance, sellers in the shops had been scrambling on their head (most often on the face, nose and ears). The truth is that in the last times I have got a need to scramble myself like that, which can be related both to "being irritated" by my brain's condition and/or by a very small odor from my PC that forces me to cough (but there can be other reasons like e.g. something in water or modified drugs from pharmacies). However, later Hellish people can say that I am very suggestible and that I have inclination to imitate what others do repeatedly in front of my eyes, which is, let's say, a psychical disease.
     But it would not be here without the chemical impact on my person, since such a seemingly "psychical" disorder is purely a physical matter, since only after the chemical things thoughts started to get stuck in my head and I was less resistant against any mental pressing on my person. But on the outside it looks like I was a psycho.
     The principle is very simple. They will poison you and as the consequence of it, you will start to stutter, for example. Apart from it, during shopping, the goods in the shop will often fall from your hands down on the floor. But if was said that you were not poisoned and that you have got no physical disease, the majority of people would automatically take you for a mentally weaker, if not crazy, person.


     I have said religious facts that other people have not said before me and like I was said it, these facts disturb the religions and beliefs of this world and they have a negative impact. But the things I spoke and wrote about really exist and they were hidden from the public. And the mighty of this world did not want normal people to believe in them. Therefore they have wanted to put down, in a very clever way, the only one who has said these things.
     That is why Hellish people and the secret service were trying to do that professionally. For instance, they have found a man who they have changed into my enemy in order for me to be compromised by an individual, which would look like no Hellish people and no secret service were concerned about me. Or they were poisoning my brain to make me go crazy and to cut myself to pieces, which would look like I had no enemies and that it was only I who had damaged me. Or they have used a close person of mine who was convinced that I am wrong, to do their things to provoke me until I will attack and then to lock me away as a dangerous person attacking and mutilating other people. And similarly. Shortly always some different reason and different methods than how it looks like on the outside.
     Just as a matter of interest, I believe that some of the teasers for the demon mentioned in "Reversed Meaning" were made by the secret service, full of Hellish people. Even my relatives, co-operating with it, agreed on what bad can happen to me, more precisely on what I can do to myself, which is very terrible. Generally, the normal co-operating people have believed that there are no such Hellish people like I claim it and that it is a good thing to destroy my work about them.

     3. Additional talking about movies is here.

     4. Videos in WebM format where I speak about some things related not only to Hellish people.

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     I apology to Mrs. Marie Rottrova that I have made an error in the description of the magic meaning of her songs on album "Vsechno nejlepsi". On a web site I take regularly info from there was wrongly written, that song with number 13 is "Zrejme letos nejsou kytky", which I copied, instead of 13 "Bouda Na hororu". I forgot to check it in the official resources. Please excuse me.
     However, 13 "Bouda Na hororu" contains words meaning "blind", "bastard" and "magician", it has a "factor of confusion" and the previous song with number 12 touches the eyes. Accordingly to my opinion, the subconscious influence of song 13 combines with that of song 16 "To nic" (something in the eye and the bird).

     I apology to band "Kabat" that I have made an error in the older version of "Reversed Meaning" in the text of songs, but within one day I realized it and then I have made the newer version 2.9 without that error. Please excuse me.


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