Safe Dying

(Edited sample from "The Other Kind")

     Many people wonder that their soul can be stolen, but it is so. However, it is written, that to steal someone's soul, especially for bad purposes, is the biggest crime, far worse than normal murder. In fact it is a crime that officially does not exist and therefore cannot be committed, which means that no one can be punished for it. Accordingly to all the laws, no crime of soul stealing exists.
     Hellish people are regularly employed in health service and so they have access to dying people. And if they want to steal the soul of a dying normal person, they often wait long enough to capture it shortly before the moment of his natural death, so that the death looks overall naturally and even autopsy should not recognize the little difference between the natural and unnatural death (= "deadly values" should already be in the range of natural death, but very little lower than if the person died very little later if his soul was not stolen). And, by the way, most often it is just the same Hellish people who - in the position of a doctor - perform the examination of the corpse to determine the cause of death, who decide if there will be any autopsy and who carry it out.
     Such a capture of the soul can be done by the look of eyes at the dying person, eventually by standing near him or by touching him (exceptionally by casting spells as well). The Devil's servant (and every Hellish person can be called like that) concentrates on the Hellish world, he opens it and bad beings from Hell catch the soul of the dying and they draw it in their parallel demoniacal world. Problem is that the vital functions of dying people are weakened and they have the lack of vital energy, thanks to which the stealing of their souls is the easier (they cannot defend themselves at all). However, most probably during this act normal people won't notice anything suspicious (only a bit more focused up to evil look at the dying one, which sometimes would not escape their attention).
     Soul stealing is regularly committed in the whole world and is subject to the highest concealment. Therefore in order to stay safe, every person with normal human soul inside of him should be dying alone without being seen by anybody else (= no one is allowed to look at him and this is valid for any electronic equipment through which he can be observed from a close distance as well as for any distant observation by a binocular-like equipment from an opposite house through uncovered windows, for example) and without being too close* to anybody.
     Never trust anyone in the moment of your death, since sometimes you do not know who is who even after tens of years of "knowing" him. In the last hour, no company is always better than any bad one. And because the dying normal person usually cannot fully recognize who is good and who is bad (no normal person can recognize it precisely), best is for him to choose no company. At all times better is to avoid not only own relatives** (if some of them are Hellish, which is probable, they can rob the dying one of his soul regardless of the fact that they are his relatives), but also all the medical personnel (often they are very dark although externally purveying the best care) and even other patients (who can be Hellish as well). The known problem is that Hellish people often exude such a big trust, that many normal people choose them for their companion in the hour of their death, having no idea how horribly-bad consequences it can have for their after-life's existence.
     Remember that especially if an elected one was about to die alone far from other people (= without being looking at during it etc.), Hellish people would try to find a way how to get to him and how to gain control over him. The reason would be a fake one, of course. For instance, he must be taken care of better = under the supervision of a doctor; there was an accident about the place where he is dying and he must be transported to a different place; just one especially-good nursing sister has to be present during his dying; some relative must see him before he dies; a priest wants to pray for his soul while he is dying and similarly.
     Take care of the safety of your soul. It does not matter how pretty will be the sepulchral stone on your grave and whether you were dying in a nicely-looking clothes or fully naked. Also the degree of the care you have been given before your death is not as much important as the safety of your soul (therefore a bit worse care and then the soul in Heaven is still better than the best possible care and then the soul in Hell). The main thing that matters here is whether your soul was or was not captured by Hell & if it can or cannot be moved to the spiritual world, to which it belongs by its condition.

     *The greater the distance the better and two or more walls are more recommended than one only.
     For your information: Equipments like telescopes from satellites can be used for a distant soul hunting in a similar way like binoculars, since they picture people as if they were close and it helps to concentrate on them. However, the using of these equipments is much less efficient than the straight closeness of a Hellish person.

**Theoretically, mother or own child like the closest relatives in the moment of death should be okay. But in practice only now and then! In the minority of normal families it should be safe, but not in the mixed ones (where one part of relatives is normal but the other Hellish; in such a case their mother should be Hellish as well, because Hellish children use to be born mainly to Hellish women). The fact is that Hellish people are hidden and they behave more or less normally all through their life, therefore their own normal closest relatives have no idea, that their sister, brother or even mother could have bad intentions about them and steal their soul in the moment of their dying. That is why my Golden Rule says that every person with normal human soul inside of him must be dying alone.

     Additional notes:

    Long ago, I have had an intention to create special places with a building on an extensive premise in order to make it possible for normal people to die safely (where everybody who would attempt to approach the dying one would be shot down on the spot without any court). However, I am sure that Hellish people would soon become the management of such places that they would change into the most efficient Devilish institutions serving the soul hunting.

    The head of this world would give away trillions of U.S. dollars, if normal people believed that my Safe Dying and the things I have described here about the most evil intentions of health care employers and relatives are rather nonsense than only exaggerated. If someone will lie to you that there is nothing to be afraid of, that you are free to trust medical staff members or relatives and to let them get close to a dying normal human being, do not believe him, please.

    Sometimes the souls of normal people are captured even far before the time of their natural dying (above all, the elected, because they are a "more valuable prey"). And if the rules of Safe Dying were observed, Hellish people could be committing this capture "far before the time of natural dying" more often than before in order to get the normal human souls they want.


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