Supergod (e-Book)

Supergodly Ball

(Pavel Kastl, Version 1.1 + Addition 10/28/2014)

     This small e-book consists of several articles, the subject of which is the most powerful being that owns the closed reality that we all exist in. But how come that I know him?
     When I was a child, I was visited by the "Circle of Stars" that took me to the "Holy Land", a place where is "Holy Council". I was together with its members and I have seen the God of our universe. There have been many things shown to me, but I have forgotten them. Despite it, I have kept a subconscious memory of some of them, which helped me to write my spiritual books and articles, when I was young. Later I have discovered Hellish people and their different soul, and there were other spiritual experiences like the "Sanctuary of God" and "Glade of God's Remembrance". It took years for me to absorb these shocking experiences and to take the proper lesson from them.
     My somewhat different energetic constitution (see "Infinity") together with other factors has enabled the great spiritual experience that came to pass in Autumn 2013, when he who I have always called "Precreator" or "Greatcreator" had connected my mind and I have got to know several new big secrets.
     I have always supposed that there is but one reality that has no borders and I have called it "Allorganism". But during my experience I have got to know, that what I have always called "Allorganism" is in fact a big Ball - a closed reality, behind the borders of which there is another opened one.
     Before you will start reading the bellow-placed articles, I have to notify you that in order to use the same terminology in all of them I have edited the old ones by means of new terms "Supergod", "Ball", "Supergodly Ball" and "Endless Spaces".

The following articles are a preface to all the other:

How It All Started

Explanation Related to Supergodly Ball

Here are the old articles, the text of which was written partly before and partly after my experience named "Supergod" (see "Three Secrets"):

The Formula of the Supergodly Ball

The Empty Total Sum

Three Secrets


And here are articles that were completely written after this experience of mine and already with the benefit of a little hindsight:


Secret of Happiness

The Price of Human Life

About the Owner of a Big Ball

The Happiness of Human Soul

Sex and Positive Interpersonal Relationships


Relationship to Hellish People


--------------- Addition ---------------

Bonus 1

Bonus 2

The e-book is available for download in EXE (eBookMaestro) or PDF format.

     Apology: Dear Reader, please accept my apology for the lower quality of the language. I have written the text of this e-book myself, although I do not speak English very well. Thank you for understanding.

     Legal disclaimer: The text placed within this e-book only represents the private opinion, fantastic imaginations and subjective feelings of an individual. The author disclaims any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by the use of and/or manipulation with this text and he does not warrant the correctness, trueness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it.