How to Avoid the Biggest War

There is a war that is supposed to take place quite possibly as early as 2270, but certainly before year 5000. “Holy Council” from “The God’s Ring” (which is the government center of our Universe) is supposed to send a strong kind to prepare here on Earth the ground for the establishment of a new social system, even better than this one. And to defeat the government of our world, if it will try to prevent that kind from doing so. However, it is easy to postpone this armed conflict a thousand years or to avert it fully, so that it will never have to come to pass.
When that kind sent by the “Holy Council” comes, it will ask your government to surrender. If that government refuses to surrender, that kind will attack it, will destroy some of its military strategic points, and do some additional damage. Then that kind will move away and ask your government once again to give up, this time with a warning that the next strike will be far worse than the previous one. If the government does not surrender and will try to defend again, it will be defeated one more time, but this time in such a way that there will be nothing left of it. Up to 85% (or even 95%?) of the human population can die in that war.
In case that the war will happen, do not trust your government. Do not stay in the places that are supposed to provide you with safety and are secured militarily. On the contrary, move to the least inhabitant places of our world.

Our Universe was built of a material core, the part of which was designed to create all the people, living in that Universe of ours. We name this part “the human part of the core of our Universe”. Its utilization is displayed by a secret picture, shown to me in autumn 2013. We can call it “The Picture of the Utilization of the Human Part of the Core of Our Universe”, shortly “The Picture of all the People of Our Universe”.
It has got three thirds: a positive one (light), a negative one (dark) and a mixed one (half-light), which our today's civilization belongs to. “The Half-Light Third”, which we exist in, contains a problematic place representing a certain hidden evil. For example, this evil can be the creation of “exceptional victims” and the arrangement of some other evil things.

The Postponement of the War - In order for the war to be postponed, the above-mentioned ‘problematic place’ would have to be removed from “The Half-Light Third” and replaced with a piece of the quality of “The Light Third”. Then the overall value of “The Half-Light Third” would change from its slight minus to a slight plus. In practice, it means two things:
1. To discontinue the creation of “exceptional victims” and the arrangement of other evil things, and to legalize the euthanasia.
2. To allow in our human society the existence of people that are on a higher spiritual level and that experience a higher form of love.

The Cancellation of the War - Believe it or not, to cancel this war is in fact very simple. When that kind sent by the “Holy Council” comes, do not fight it. Obediently accommodate its demands and then it will not use its weapons against you.


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