My Biggest Mistake

Twenty years ago, somebody was following me one and half months and then in the bus one man sat down right opposite me, around who I saw a smoke and a whirl of dark energy. Later, around his head, there I could see several blackened human names, crossed out. I heard a voice talking to me: „You are just looking at the one who only takes a look and it is the end. Do not look into his eyes, look aside. Do nothing with the hands and only think. It only matters, how you will think.‟ It was for the first and last time in my life, when I met someone like that.
Energies, streaming from that man toward me, called out a feeling in me, that an evil creature from the Hell is approaching, which was a mere illusion of my brain. As a matter of interest, approximately 40 % of those energies were streaming from the eyes of that man and 60 % as if by an arc from him. It seemed to me, that the man activated the majority of them in the space tightly around his body and then he directed them at me.
And because those energies were dark, I thought wrongly that they must be Hellish. I also assumed incorrectly, that a person handling such energies must have a Hellish humanoid soul, which was my another mistake.
After it many people were sent to look strangely at me. And I thought that together with that man from the bus, they belong to a secret Hellish nation. This wrong opinion of mine was supported also by that that my brain used to be radiated in those years, I suffered from hallucinations of little devils and demons, sometimes I was paralyzed when I woke up, and similarly. In the end I almost went crazy because of it.
The truth of it is that that the above-mentioned man, mutilating or killing people “by the look of eyes” in a way that can look like a naturally risen insanity and/or brain stroke, is a big rarity. Maybe only one such person exists in the whole of our country, perhaps having only five victims in the entire life of his training and activity.


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