My Discoveries

1. A secret system, by means of which the mighty of this world arrange evil events. Some of them, arranged in our history, use the same coverage like the matters of today. The suffering of innocent people during these events is celebrated in secrecy.

2. Many famous people from our history, seemingly independent and of diverse goals, were using a secret signature of the mighty of this world, among which they have belonged.

3. Secret signs in the world, in music and movies.

4. The explanation of many cheats that were made during the making of the unfair TV show about me.

5. The secret observation of many normal people, the violation of their right for privacy and advices how to protect it.

6. Philosophy of life with some useful observations (it is mainly in book "Mozaika moudrosti" that, as a whole, has got some mistakes, but part is made very nicely).

7. Three books about love ("Tajemství lásky", "Další Tajemství lásky" and "Příručka ke studiu IBU"; sexual deviations and extremes in love; the activity of male and female elements; root diversions and their balance; how all our loves function as a whole and much else).

8. "The Ideal Martial Art" (originally "Ideální Bojové Umění", shortly "IBU"; relatively a complex one, so that handling the weapons, co-operation with a trained dog, sparring with several opponents simultaneously, spiritual growth, "The Circle of Love" and the other).

9. "The Way of a Panther" (originally "Cesta Pantera"; separately a clean form and separately a humanization, a spiritual resemblance to the animal, without the rotation of the fist and extreme angles, it contains the biting of the opponent and else).

10. "Lukewarm Harmony" (a social system with the equality of people).

11. "The IBU's Social Feudalism" (a social system that combines good social care of normal people with the feudal ownership of the land).

12. The transfer of a specific cellular immunity from a donor to a donee (my invention from the last century that combines two groups of factors: the first manages a physical compatibility and creates several intermediate stages between the two people, and the other finishes the process of overcoming the difference between them to make the transfer work; the natural immunity of exceptional individuals can be possessed by all the people; I suppose that when a hyperimmunization of the donor is not used, the donee must be given a higher amount of his blood, if it is used, a lower amount of the blood should do).

13. The necessity of the legalization of euthanasia (my requirement from the last century).

14. Part of the secret of our origin and purpose.

15. Weapons. The principles of the low that cause people with a certain gene, opinion or membership to fall ill or die, but others around them stay okay. The principles of the high that rule all the events in the war in the way that only the victory is possible, no matter how much the opponent is strong.

16. The moving of space vessels in Universe.

17. Cure of infections, the improvement of the regeneration of tissues, the slowdown of aging process. And maybe even much more :-)

Notice: It took long for me to discover how much people lie to me and all the wrong information and false news delayed my investigation. Despite it, in the end I succeeded a bit.


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