Several Main Things

A Cheating Attitude During Making the TV Show – Thanks to it the public was supposed to gain a negative opinion of me. Years ago, I saw several cheats during recording, some examples:
Somebody near me started to cough, after it a coughing gas was released and I started to cough, too. Then it looked like I was imitating that person's coughing. Or I used to cross one street through a red light. A blonde woman was sent to walk before me and it looked like I went through the red light because I was following her blonde color. Or two women, a brunette and a blonde, were asking me about the way to a railroad station. I escorted them almost to the station, but not because of the blonde hairs of one of them. Actually, that day I was going to go to that direction beyond the station anyway. One or two days ago I even looked into the online maps at that place.

Combination of Correct and Wrong Opinions – Since my childhood I have always received wrong information regarding what people are really like; many people were telling me “stories of their life” that never happened (they often made up conflict with the authority, beating of somebody else or some spiritual experience); some of my sources of information were modified; various false miracles were shown to me, which confused me; and similarly.
On the one hand I had a disorder, thanks to which I was allowed to get to know something more than others, but on the other hand I was deceived by lies all the time. The result of the both – of supernal perceptions and of all the untrue information that I was made to believe in – was a mixture of wrong opinions with the pieces of a pure truth.
Therefore during my spiritual experiences I sometimes had a piece of a hallucination thanks to a wrong prejudice and a damaged brain (that produced that hallucination under the influence of the prejudice and own deficiency), and in addition to it a piece of some precise information. So that the result was a combination of the lie with the truth.
It means this: If at “The Glade of God's Remembrance” I recalled “The Circle of Stars” that visited me in my childhood and that Circle was sent by a “Higher Police”, despite it during that recalling I could connect with the real “Godly Stream” and see how “The God's Ring” looks like. It's strange, isn't it?

Cheats From My Childhood and Youth – There were many of them. Today I know, that “Higher Police” would manage to arrange both the moving toys that I saw as a child and “The Circle of Stars” that in my childhood descended over to me once in the night. Today I am not interested any more in that that the Police arranged the lightnings in the cellar and the opening of the loft's door after I pronounced a magic formula, and other. It is because the main experience was that that in the autumn of 2013 for a moment my consciousness interconnected with a transferred piece of the personality of the highest God – a Supergod – and I was shown several big secrets.

“Hellish People” – Several times I could see little devils and demons. For example, I was passing by a homeless person walking along the street and, suddenly, I saw little devils surrounding him. I got an idea that the little devils feed on his suffering. Or I saw a big little devil, about which I thought that he co-operates with one member of the “Higher Police” who, by a strong negative energy, from time to time used to kill those who obstructed the “Higher Police”. However, I must say that because my brain was irradiated, my visions of little devils and demons could be mere hallucinations.
Years ago, the “Higher Police” sent that man who used to kill by that negative energy to get me. I thought that it is “Hellish” and after it I started to claim that there are people co-operating with the Hell who even hunt human souls. Then the “Higher Police” did many tricks. Perhaps even the one how something “hit my elbow” and I claimed that it was an energy from the eyes of one man in a car behind me. Perhaps there was something in my shirt what called out my feeling in the elbow and I attributed it to the look of that man. The Police sent many normal people to pretend before me that they are “Hellish”. Then I began to take the normal people for “Hellish” and the “Higher Police” showed it in the television.

Signature – The members of the “Higher Police” have always used secret indications. However, they did the mistake that by means of them they signed much evil that was in our history. Well, I will not discuss here what a law they violated during it.
I offer a limited knowledge of these indications, of that “secret language”, to any court or special commission that will deal with the crimes of “Higher Police” and that will find the organization guilty of criminal wrongdoing.

Self-injury – Let us look on it as a punishment. In view of not only that that it deals with a too big suffering and it is caused deliberately to some people, the degree of the guilt of which is lower than it can seem, it deals with a more or less unjust thing. Apart from it, who suffers very much up to maximally intensely, he gets altered during it and he is no more himself, but somebody else. So in the end, he is punished for the crimes of some other person, because he is no longer the one who committed them.
Another thing is that that when an innocent child inherits some mental disease after its ancestors, sometimes it is moved to a self-injury, too. However, it is not responsible at all for what it has inherited!
It is also horrible that the members of “Higher Police”, that is those who invented such a torture of people, committed themselves the crimes, for which somebody could perhaps want to give them such a cruel punishment, too.
I require that this punishment would cease to be used on people and that all the chemicals that cause a human being to injure himself would be destroyed.
It is clear that there must be an organization in the world that controls people. Equally it is clear that this organization must have secret informers, must use an occasional bugging and similarly. But if such an organization tortures the people, about who it straightly knows that they are guilty only little or even innocent, it commits a crime that it should not commit at all. Therefore its rights should be decreased, and there should be its correction and rehabilitation.

The Best Results Thanks to a Disorder – The old videos prove that I was able to connect some energy channels (I was levitating, energies were waving me like I was a toy). I have got a deviation that not just anyone has got. However, having it is not only bad, but also good.
Thanks to my disorder I was able to connect a Stream that leads to Godly Creatures and even to experience some “connection to the mind of the highest God”. It happened in the autumn of 2013, when I was still “clean”, since I had the first ejaculation when awake as late as the end of 2013 after my experience with the Supergod. This way I received some information that no one else was allowed to receive:
Our Universe is located in a giant Sphere (its surface is grey-black and the vicinity has got a color close to an orange one), perhaps made in some factory, and the main God (= Supergod) regenerates by means of all the events going on in that Sphere. All these events were calculated on a computer and that calculation is stored in an object that I named “Little Mountain”. That Sphere has got a material core, from which branches lead all the way up to our dimension and there are building stones inside of these branches that are written all over by a language unknown to me. From the inside it all looks like a gigantic puzzle, only positions and numbers, but to us all here it seems to be a motion.
Piece of the material core of that Sphere also represents the bygone core of our Universe, the part of which was designed to be transformed by the life of all the people that will live in that Universe of ours. Everything what people will experience in the course of the whole time of their existence, is expressed by “The Picture of the Utilization of the Human Part of Our Universe”, having three diverse thirds of value 35 % (positive), 35 % (negative) and 30 % (mixed). And I suppose that the ratio of the happiness and unhappiness, of the worse and better state of health of particular people, will not differ much from what that Picture shows to us.

The Discovery of Secret Indications – After I realized that people are giving me lying information, that my news are false and my magazines, movies and books were modified, I got an idea how to overcome it all. I leaned on so-called “trustworthy sources”, for example on a well-known English language. If the following information about this language is wrong, please forgive it to me, I often work with wrong dates and it is not my fault:
English, the most respected one of the Earth's languages, originates from a continent Europe and the country of England. All four names - English, Earth, Europe and England – begin with a letter “E”, having three the same lines and meaning “to be three times”.
The other trace are the names of some “evil things”, containing one letter two times: Attack, Battle, Defeat, Hell, Kill, Terror, Torture, War and Win.
On the other hand, do not let us forget that “Heaven” and “Hell” begin with the same letter. And words “Heal” and “Health” (and “Health Service”) contain the first three letters of words “Heaven” and “Hell”. It reminds the fact that the world and the Health Service were developed by those who are two times and then for the third time, too – the Heaven and the Hell.
We greet using the word “Hello”, which is “Hell” + “o” (a letter that reminds a circle, acting like “the factor of confusion”; the word “circle” has got a letter “c”, which is a “partial circle”, two times).
The letter, optically reminding a snake, is a “S”. Famous Internet with its “www” reminds us of that that those that are two times are three times in total. “Fight” is “two in one” and “combat” contains the bat. By the way, do you know, what the letters B, F, M and W have in common?
And, finally, let us take a look at the names of the Earth's continents. Those in the South, which is, figuratively speaking, “down toward the Hell”, in particular Antarctica and Australia, have got three “a”, whilst Africa, America and Asia have only got two.

The Sufficiency and Insufficiency of the World's Religions – Mostly they are enough for a simple, normal way of living, and the majority of them support the basic human values (a work, a family, an obedience to the authority, a hope for a reward after death for the correct way of living, a respect and a love for the God, and so on). These religions were made within a simple psychological frame and their believers are a crowd that the world's rulers are able to control well enough.
I came with something kinda bigger, partially correct and partially wrong, and it was not fully right to want the public to know it all. Information like “when the family of relative souls is supposed to experience five bone fractures and apart from its last member no other will break his bone, the last one will have to experience all the five bone fractures” really were not welcome and, in fact, nor appropriate for the public.


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