Two Books of Mine

     I have decided to give the public a fair wisdom by means of my newer book Another Mystery of Love and by related articles (e.g. about secret signs in movies; about conspiracy to teach you how many informers are out there and advices on how to keep your privacy and intentions hidden from their "Secret Service"; the truth of the continuation of your self by means of your own offspring, and many other secrets).
     However, Manual for Studying the IBU (in its native tongue entitled Příručka ke studiu IBU) is a book that I have blocked from the public, since it is designed for a closed society only. The knowledge included in it (fighting skills, weapons, love and relationships, personal spiritual growth, various secrets) is not fully suitable for you and, apart from it, you do not deserve and neither should know it all.

     Since my youth people have been lying to me in some things, my thinking was worsened also by detrimental radiation of the brain, under the influence of which I even used to practice meditations. That is why I did some mistakes in my old books; however, I cannot be blamed for them fully! But then I managed to get a little further.
     After a strong chemical attack, many of my brain cells died and I could see the surface of my brain by a small piece of my soul that has disconnected from it as a consequence of that attack. And because this "new free piece" joined the activity of a different small piece of my soul that is free naturally and compatible with Godly Stream (you know, I have got a bit changed energetic constitution), I could start to experience the Supergod and to see (better than before) the work of (what we call) male and female element, their production of erotic particles and other. Apart from it, my knowledge ceased to be restricted by the lies of all the people, the betrayal of which I finally realized. So these today's writings of mine are really beneficial.

Content of Another Mystery of Love (Další Tajemství lásky)

     Introduction (Úvod) - A couple of words as a foreword.
     Advertisement for The Mystery of Love (Reklama na Tajemství lásky) - A notice that in this book there you can find much about love.
     Reflections Upon The Old Book (Zamyšlení nad starou knihou) - This book was dealing with more diverse subjects including sexual deviations and extremes in love. Much of it was very good, but with some deficiencies, too.
     Loneliness versus Company (Samota versus společnost) - The both of them have their pros and cons, and the chapter tells you the details.
     Self-Love (Sebeláska) - Talking of how much God and man loves himself.
     It All is Done Out of Love for Own Self (Všechno je to z lásky k sobě) - Although it seems that we do many things for others purely out of our love for them, it all is not that simple.
     What Must Never Happen (Co se nikdy nesmí stát) - In order for our relationships to be allowed to be good, they need some positive circumstances. And people must never be forced to do harm to one another.
     The Hierarchy of Relationships (Hierarchie vztahů) - The evaluation of the scale of values like our human society, close people, own self, and other.
     Privacy for Love (Soukromí pro lásku) - "The Secret Service" is observing us all and often is recording our most private moments of love-experiencing. And this chapter gives you some advices of how to keep these moments secured from the unwanted observers.
     Many Pieces of Love (Mnoho kousků lásky) - Part of those that we love we meet in childhood, part in medium or in old age. We can love various people, animals, pieces of land, countries and other. But we should learn the truth of how these many pieces of love work for us and their real price for our self.
     Opposites Yang and Yin (Protiklady Yang a Yin) - The work of what we call male and female element manifests in everything we are experiencing. You should learn how to make these elements work in harmony.
     Some Personal Experiences (Některé osobní prožitky) - Few experiences of mine connected with love and some lessons derived from them.
     Wisdoms About Love (Moudrosti o lásce) - Usefull information and secrets related to love and its origin.


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